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Subscribers' Hangout - September edition: Exclusive for VR Premium members

Get answers to all your burning questions related to personal finance and mutual funds in our monthly series

The September edition of our monthly series, Subscribers' Hangout, is out now.

In this series, Dhirendra Kumar and our analysts answer your personal finance and mutual funds queries.

This episode of Subscribers' Hangout answers the following questions:

  • What to do with Axis funds post Jinesh Gopani's exit?
  • Since everyone is bullish on the Indian economy, won't it be prudent to invest only in Indian equity for the near future?
  • Should I park my emergency fund accumulation in a short-term debt fund?
  • Do you recommend switching from the 'Hold' category to the 'Best Buy' fund in the same fund house?
  • How to invest a lump sum in mutual funds?

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