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Cerebra Integrated Technologies: Intimation Under Regulation 30 Of The SEBI (Listing Obligations And Disclosure Requirements) Regulation 2015 - Cerebra Signed NDA With Hyundai Corporation Korea To Explore Opportunity Of PV Solar Module Recycling In India

Recycling and reclaiming the materials will enable re-produce new modules and reduce carbon footprint thus justifying circularity in solar energy. Government of India is envisaging that the solar module production by 2025-26 touches 90GW and 280 GW by year 2030 and have announced PLI scheme of 4500 crores in 2021 and 19250 crores in 2022 encouraging Indian companies to start manufacturing solar modules in India as per Atmanirbhar program. With the waste generated from the new solar PV module manufacturing and the old solar farms which are nearing the end of life Cerebra foresees a great opportunity in solar PV module recycling. To pursue this opportunity in recycling of solar PV modules Cerebra has signed a NDA with Hyundai Corporation Korea who has taken a lead in this space. Recycling the solar panels feasibly is the key factor andCerebra is relying on Hyundai Corporation to contribute in this through their global reach.

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